Fish Food - Frozen Brine Shrimp

Baby Brine Shrimp

Scientific name: Artemia sp.

Hatched From Decapsulated Cysts

Baby Brine Shrimp are the perfect food for baby fish and reef tanks. Our baby brine shrimp are obtained through hatching decapsulated Artemia cysts in a controlled hatching environment. Hatched baby brine shrimp are harvested, rinsed, packed and frozen alive to conserve their nutritional value. These newly hatched baby brine shrimp are readily accepted by baby fish (fry & larvae), small freshwater fish, small marine fish, corals and other filter feeding reef organisms. You won't find a more nutritious product to provide the essential nutrients to maintain high energy levels and vigor in your fish &  reef.

Product Features

  • All natural
  • Frozen fresh
  • Highly nutritious
  • Excellent for fish and reefs
  • Great for freshwater and saltwater
  • Promotes proper growth and supports color
  • The 1.75 oz (50g) mini-cube is excellent for desktop & nano aquariums

Baby Fish: Egg-Layers & Livebearers.

Small Fish: Tetras, Guppies, Barbs and others.

Reef Tanks: Small Fish, Corals, and others.

Invertebrates: Jellyfish, Seahorses, and others.

Feed often, but only what can be consumed in three minutes. Remove any uneaten food. Never overfeed. No thawing or rinsing required. Keep frozen.

Microwaving or thawing in hot water is not recommended, as this breaks down the nutrients contained in frozen fish food.

  • Ingredients

    Baby brine shrimp, water, carrageenan.

  • Contains

    Baby brine shrimp are perfectly sized preys for feeding (marine and freshwater) fish fry as well as filter-feeders such as corals, bivalves and certain invertebrates.

  • Guaranteed Analysis
    Crude Protein (Min) 2.6%
    Crude Fat (Min) 0.6%
    Crude Fiber (Max) 0.5%
    Moisture (Max) 95.0%
    Ash (Max) 0.8%
    Phosphorus (Min) 0.1%
  • Available Product sizes

    1.75 oz (50 g) 36 mini-cubes ITEM# 65100