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Aquatic Turtles Recommended Foods

Tips & Hints

  • Tips for promoting a hardy appetite

    Herps require the proper set up and regular maintenance in order to stimulate appetite and thrive in captivity. Different reptiles have different needs, please be familiar with your animals needs. Check with a pet care professional for advice.

    A healthy herp should have

    • Bright clear eyes
    • Hardy appetite
    • Good activity
    • Good weight
    • Solid stool

    Signs of an unhealthy herp

    • Closed eyes
    • Fails to eat
    • Lethargic
    • Looks thin
    • Runny stool


Global Pet Expo Reptile Recap Part 2

In part 2, prolific reptile manufacturers Zoo Med Labs, Healthy Herp, and Zeigler Bros.give ReptilesTV a first hand look at cool items the Tortoise House, the 511 Canister Filter, the Repti-Breeze Vivarium, Monster Diets, and Freeze Dried foods they demonstrated for the industry and the public at Orlando, Floridas Global Pet Expo, one of the largest pet product showcases in the world.


"Being a concerned “mom” to my 2 red-eared slider water turtles who are now 32 & 33 years old, it’s imperative to me to make sure that their diet has the nutrients and quality they deserve, and I found that with San Francisco Bay Brand/ Healthy Herp products.

I’ve watched my turtles thrive with Healthy Herp adult formula frozen aquatic turtle diet, which is “natural & color dye free”, and  which gives my turtles the nutrients they need.

I am very pleased with the quality, consistency and diversity of products from the San Francisco Bay Brand Company."

“A Turtle Lover
from Southern California”