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Most recently I had purchased your brine shrimp and freeze dried plankton from my local aquarium store. All I have to say is that your company by far has the best fish foods for my fish. I own a cichlid tank and have noticed since feeding them your foods they have grown a large amount with the inclusion of colour. from now on I will recommend these foods to all of my friends who own aquariums and I will be purchasing more of your product in the future.

Jonathan Nancarrow

San Francisco Bay Brand® all natural frozen and freeze dried fish foods provide superior nutrition and are famous for their purity and nutrient-rich natural ingredients including: fresh seafood, fresh vegetables, algae, color enhancers and vitamins resulting in nutritious diets for all freshwater fish. SFBB foods accommodate all freshwater fish species feeding at all aquarium levels… from surface feeders to bottom dwellers and invertebrates. SFBB is committed to developing new and unique products to advance the nutritional offerings available and prolong and enhance the life of aquatic pets.


San Francisco Bay Brand, Inc., manufacturer of premium quality frozen and freeze dried fish foods for over 40 years, now brings you two exciting new lines of all natural frozen and freeze dried diets called Healthy Herp® and Healthy Bird™. We have applied our infrastructure of research and development, animal husbandry and marketing to produce these innovative and advanced brands. The Healthy Herp® and Healthy Bird™ products are formulated with whole fresh ingredients to help maintain healthy bones and shells, stimulate appetites, promote growth, resistance to stress and a long healthy life.


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